Day 29

Could it be true?? Is this the end of the line for the 29 days of soup??? Kind of makes me want to cry, I have loved this project so much.
Now what do to do??

(I will blog more about this later)

Lets get on to who the day 29 soup hug goes out to…you may recall the day 21 post about my good friend Monica, well today is about her sister…Michelle.
When Monica and I met in Kindergarden her little sister Michelle was 2 years younger than us, while technically she is still 2 years younger than us (grrrr) she is no longer the little sister. She is now the very cherished friend.
Funny how we all catch up at some point, how the sisters who would bicker and fight (talking about my own sis here) end up best of friends (again, I can relate with my sis).
Just as I said about Monica on day 21, I love my friend Michelle and she is also a seriously amazing mom. It must be in their DNA, kudos to Mike & Sharon. Her kids are warm and gracious and a joy to be around. I know it isn’t easy, but you make it look easy Michelle.
Keep on keeping on, you’re doing good work.

The beautiful Michelle, Sharon & Monica

The other thing I want to mention about Michelle & Monica too, because I forgot to mention on day 21, is how thankful I am for the beautiful wedding shower they threw me. These girls are so creative and thoughtful and I am so appreciative not only for the shower, but for the day to day of having them in my life.

Just a tease of the bridal shower skills…

Back to the program…yesterday as I was making the Carrot Ginger soup I made an extra big batch. Taking care to use only organic carrots, stock and the coconut milk (avoiding dairy).

I hope it’s a good fit for Michelle and her hubby, probably too ginger spicy for the kids…so you don’t have to share this one, it’s all for you!



4 responses to “Day 29

  1. Michelle

    I love me some ginger carrot soup, hand delivered from my dear friend, Tina Carvey (or should that be Tina Carvey Jardine?). You’re the best! This is inspiring. Thank you. Thank you.

  2. Macy

    Yay Mrs Jardine! 29 days of soup hugs. Pretty darn impressive. You are amazing, my friend. Nice work.

  3. Congratulations on completing the 29 days! You sure made it look easy (although I’m guessing it wasn’t). I hope I can return the hug to you soon!

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