Day 21

Mr Jardine and I have a lot of thank you notes to write, our 1 month anniversary is tomorrow and it is about time we get started. We took a nice break from the wedding hustle and now its time to get back in there and wrap it up, extend our deepest gratitude to all those that were so generous with us. The problem is sometimes I get a little stuck in a writing rut, I don’t want the notes to come out generic or standard, I want them to be exciting to read. Reflecting on this came to mind a letter written to me from long ago…long ago. This letter doesn’t have a date, but I think it could have been 1980. My dear and oldest friend Monica wrote it to me, we were probably in the 3rd grade. Monica was my first friend, we met in kindergarden, I was wearing a faux fur coat, she asked to pet said coat and the rest is history.

This letter was written in pencil, so it is a little hard to read. Let me transcribe:

Dear Dina,
Friends are people who care, someone who you can talk to if you need to. Dina is a friend who can sleepover. We have slept over at each others house a lot. We have fun!
We both have dogs. Hers is named Sweet Pea and mine is named Brandy.
We also love animals. We both used to have rabbits. We both have sisters.
We both have lots friends and we go to each others birthday.
By Monica

This letter is timeless, so much of it still rings true. We still go to each others birthdays, just this year we did. We both still love animals, and this love is something she has passed onto her 3 daughters. A friend is still a person who cares, someone who you can talk to if you need too. Over the past 35 years we have both needed to and done so. We have always been there for each other through the good times and the rough times. Monica just moved back to Bellevue after being on the East Coast for over 15 years. It is so great to have her home, great to know I could pop in for a sleepover without a 6 hour flight. We both still have sisters, although I think if you asked us to rewrite this letter today we would give them top billing over dogs, animals and rabbits. We both love our sisters very much! Monica is like a sister to me, and her family is part of my extended family.

When we spoke this morning she was more frazzled than dazzled about the impending holiday, but it was a passing moment and I know she will pull off this turkey day with the same grace, ease and charm as with everything else she touches. I love my friend Monica. Did I mention what an amazing mom she is? Seriously, wonderful kids.

Todays soup could be called More Dazzle, less Frazzle as it only has 5 ingredients and was super easy to make. The Taco Soup recipe came from my sister Erin and I hope Monica and her family like it. Hopefully lunch tomorrow is one less thing she has to think about this week. I’m off for a soup delivery…I better call her first, she doesn’t have the type of porch I can sneak up on. Or maybe she does…I haven’t decided.

Soup hugs to all you little bugs. XOXO


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